The Brunch Graze (Serves 8)

The Grazing To-Go Brunch Platter is the perfect, simple way to start your Easter morning while the kids hunt for Easter eggs. Paired with eggs, bacon and hot coffee, or just to nibble on as-is, this platter has something for everyone. Each board comes with 5 gourmet cheeses, shaved ham, orange-cardamom salami, fresh and dried fruit, olives, cornichons, mini bagels, mini croissants, mini cinnamon rolls, mini donuts, honey, preserves and hazelnut-chocolate spread. Plus sweet, themed accompaniments to make your graze Easter-special. Comes on a 12" x 16" teak board that's yours to keep. Includes recyclable serving utensils and a menu. Not available vegetarian or gluten-free. Serves 8 as brunch bites.

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